L.R. Circulars

Land record circular  / Imformation



09.03.2018 For acceptance of office allowance to the Land Records Inspector
07.03.2017 Order and circular
13.05.2013 Notification of reorganization tahsil
05.05.2013 Notification of reorganization tahsil
30.04.2013 Notification of reorganization tahsil
17.04.2013 Notification of reorganization tahsil
11.10.2012 circular Regarding issuing digital signature jamabandi
28.09.2012 Exam Results of the Patwar Examination (Divisional) August 2012
14.09.2012 Corrigendum Rajasthan Land Revenue (Conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes in rural areas) (amendment Rules, 2012
28.08.2012 Order regarding the residual residence Certificate
09.08.2012 Circular in order to issue income certificate
01.08.2012 Notice of decision taken in the meeting dated 01.08.2012 regarding various certificates issued at Tehsil and other levels.
01.08.2012 Press release of departmental examination program
31.07.2012 Notification amend the Rajasthan Industrial Areas Allotment Rules 1959
31.07.2012 Revenue CUG Mobile Circular
20.07.2012 C ircular regarding preparing computerized khhatoni and filing nomination
09.07.2012 Notification amend the Rajasthan Gallantry Awards (Cash Rewards and Land Grants) Rules, 1966
03.07.2012 Implementation of point number 208 of the Chief Minister's Budget Announcement
  List of newly created tehsils and sub-tehsils
19.06.2012 Notification amend Rajasthan Land Revenue Act (Allotment and conversion of Land for the Construction of Seed Godowns) Rules 1965
31.05.2012 Notification of new creation / restructuring tehsil
31.05.2012 Notification of newly created sub-tehsil
30.05.2012 Notification of new Patwar Mandals
29.05.2012 Notification Rajasthan Land Revenue (Lands Records) Rules, 1957 (Tehsil Niwai District Tonk)
10.05.2012 Notification amend the Rajasthan Land Revenue (Qualification and conditions of service of Chairman and Member of the Board) Rules 1971
25.04.2012 Notice of Competitive Examination Suspension for the Land Records Inspector post from serving patwari
29.03.2012 Notification online jamabandi
19.03.2012 Circular regarding Online jamabandi Digital Signature Certification
05.03.2012 Notification Rajasthan Land Revenue (Allotment of Land in Saline Area) Rules 2007, (declares the area of village Ladpura Tehsil Phulera)
02.03.2012 Notification Amend the Rajasthan Tenancy (Government) Rules, 1955
06.02.2012 Revised Release regarding Land Records Inspector Competitive Examination 2011 from Revenue Department of serving Patwari
27.12.2011 Notification Online Jamabandi
21.12.2011 Notification Online Jamabandi Rules
22.06.2010 Release and renewal of the Jamabandi through cyber cafe
08.06.2009 Training Programs and Software Testing Workshop organized for Resource Persons, connected with Land Records Computerization
01.10.2008 In order of Apna Khata software version 5.0
02.05.2008 Regarding disposal of checklists of jamabandi
13.03.2008 Regarding issuing licenses for copies of jamabandi through cyber cafe
16.02.2008 Circulars
05.02.2008 Regarding expenditure incurred for the maintenance of computers provided to the ADM, SDO And ACM offices Under the L.R.C. scheme
19.01.2008 Regarding computer equipment provided to tehsils under the L.R.C. scheme
01.10.2007 Regarding licenses for issuance of the Jamabandi copies through cyber cafe
10.10.2007 Circular
14.05.2007 Regarding issuing the Copies of jamabandi through cyber cafe
15.03.2007 Issuing and renewing licenses at the district level for issue of copies of the Jamabandi through cyber cafe
03.11.2006 Regarding continuous implementation and monitoring of theL.R.C. scheme
26.04.2006 Regarding getting the work on the Apna Khata center from the resource person
13.04.2006 Regarding issuance of certified copy of jamabandi through cyber cafe
13.04.2006 Cyber ​​cafe support for effective control of convergence
13.04.2006 Cyber ​​cafe support for effective control of convergence
24.03.2006 Regarding the process of obtaining computer equipment under the Computerization of Land Records Scheme.
10.03.2006 To improve the convergence process
20.01.2006 convergence Process - Effective Control
30.09.2005 Regarding copying computerized jamabandi from Apna Khata Center
12.09.2005 Regarding the financial benefits payable to the patwari working in the LRC project
05.09.2005 Regarding the briefing session organized on 22.07.05 under the Computerization of Land Records
20.07.2005 Guidelines for the preparation of Tehsil jamabandi under Land Records Computerization Project
02.04.2005 Regarding the issue of handwritten copy of the jamabandi
25.02.2005 Regarding the land records computerization scheme
28.10.2004 Regarding entry of outstanding convergence in computer
11.08.2004 Regarding the effective and continuous implementation of Land Records Computerization Project
29.06.2004 Guidelines for the expenditure on allocated amount under computerization of land record scheme
19.05.2004 Regarding the convergence process
08.04.2004 Regarding the problem of PIN number coming in the computer
08.04.2004 Regarding posting of the resource person at Tehsil headquarter
18.10.2003 Regarding the scheme of L.R.C. meeting organized under the chairmanship of the Chief Government Secretary, Revenue Department, Raj. dated 16-17 September 2003,
24.02.2003 Regarding broad publicity of LRC Plan
15.02.2003 Regarding Computerization of Land Records
07.09.2002 Regarding issuing duplicate computerized jamabandi and naming computer room
22.07.2002 Regarding the decisions taken in the meeting of LRC on 12.06.02
03.06.2002 Notification
20.07.2002 Departmental Notification P.10 (2) Raj-6/00 / Part-1/38 dated 03.06.02
19.08.1999 Regarding the use and protection of data, submission of copy of jamabandi and copying computerized jamabandi under Land Records Computerization Project at Tehsil level.
16.11.1996 Powers of Gram Panchayats in relation to the opening of the Convertion