Important Circulars/Notification/Orders


Circular number Subject Circular Date
F9(3)Raj-1/2020 Notification to upgrade Sub Tehsil Tahla, District Alwar to Tehsil 12.10.2020
No.F(1)Rev.6/06 pt./132 Land Record, Settlement and Colonization Subordinate Service Rules 21.11.2019
BOR/ LR/NLRMP/F-126/2017/687 Regarding licenses for issuing duplicate copy of Jamabandi through cyber cafe 23.04.2018
BOR/Isp./P.28/SDO metting/2018/5982-6025 Reinforcement of the working system of subdivision officer
No.4(1)Rev.6/06/part/24 Notification CHAPTER VII Online Land Records 30.05.2016
BOR/P-2(3)RTS/various/2007/1578 Circular for posting of tehsildar / nayab tehsildars 19.03.2012
BOR/LR/LRC/F.30/2006/315 Regarding AMC of computer machines, printers, UPS installed at the district and tehsil level Under L.R.C. 16/11/2006
BOR/LR/LRC/P.101/2006/15283 Regarding continuous implementation and monitoring of the L.R.C. scheme 03/11/2006
BOR/LR/G 1/various/Maps/05/15419-450 For sending the entire map of the district including revenue units 11/10/2006
BOR/LR/LRC/G.3/P.50/02/6707-38 Regarding preparation of new Jamabandi 21/08/2003
BOR/LR/G-3/P-229/01/4879-4916 Regarding the successful implementation of the Right to Information 26/06/2003
BOR/nis/computer/2003/362-93 Regarding availability of L.R.C. Data for website 09/05/2003
BOR/LR/LRC/P-45/02/10049-80 Regarding the maintenance of various equipment under the Land Records Computerization Scheme. 20/09/2002
BOR/LR/G.3/P-242/02/ 9803 Providing all available stationery to district collectors 09/09/2002
BOR/LR/ LRC/P-51/9749-9780 issuing the copy of computerized settlement and naming computer room 07/09/2002
BOR/LR/G-3/P-22/01/9521-52 Regarding issuing copy of computerized jamabandi 30/08/2002
BOR/LR/G-3/ 242/02/ 9557-88 Regarding giving all work of Irrigation Patwari to revenue Patwari 30/08/2002
BOR/LR/LRC/P-50/02/9451-83 Regarding preparing a jamabandi through computer under the Land Records Computerization Scheme 27/08/2002
BOR/LR/G-3/DC Kota/ 9156 Regarding Computerization of Land Records 17/08/2002
BOR/LR/LRC/6634-66 Regarding the decision taken in the LRC meeting dated 12.06.2002 22/07/2002
BOR/LR/LRC/P-43/01 Regarding the amount allocated for land record computerization 21/07/2002
BOR/Insp./various/2001-02/2574-2605 Review of Disposed cases of State Revenue Courts by Board of Revenue 10/07/2002
BOR/LR/LRC/P-50/02/7261-92 Regarding preparing the Chosala jamabandi by computer at Tehsildar level 07/06/2002
NO.F.10(2)REV-6/2000/Pt.I/38  Notification of Jamabandi 03/06/2002
BOR/LR/G-3/LRC/P-45/01-02/7171-202 Regarding entry of nominations under LRC scheme 03/06/2002
BOR/LR/exam/P-199/02/2030-89 Regarding short-term training of irrigation department patwari 02/05/2002
BOR/LR/G-3/P-213/2002/3941-72 Regarding keeping the complaint / suggestion box for complaints / suggestions received regarding the Citizen's Charter 30/04/2002